Clarinet Quintets / IBS Classical Gold

At least necessary is that the sensational clarinetist (also conductor) José Luis Estellés made a record of his interpretations of the clarinet masterpieces in chamber music, in this case the quintets by Mozart and Weber, who, as the same performer says in the program notes, both composers are relatives, if distantly. Recorded in the Chapel of the Augustinians in Granada, the wide resonance is cared in an exemplar recording where silences (Mozart) may lengthen to allow the rest of the sound.
This sound comes from a very polished idea, extreme delicacy from Jousia Quartet, with little vibrato and dynamic ranges played with subtlety, which are based on the soloist’s discourse full of beauty, phrasing of the most natural and musical possible manner. In these cases they are not quintets for clarinet, are “with” clarinet, because the perception is one of the five, not one among the five. Thus, the beautiful development in Weber Quintet (Allegro) is played with an unusual clarity and elegance, without losing the rhythmic grace. A less recorded piece than Mozart’s, this performance becomes one to be considered, especially after the poignant slow movement, an Adagio-Fantasia, brief but exciting. Perhaps now is the turn for Brahms …