The last steps of a lavish residence

[…] However, we believe that the more accomplished creation in the concert was achieved with Dove of Peace. Homage to Picasso (2010), a demanding clarinet chamber concerto, commissioned by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and premiered in that English city. We found a wise use of chamber music and texture resources that the composer obtains with wind and stringed instruments dialogue, or with the interplay between the soloist and the chamber ensemble. In this sense, the work synthesizes a characteristic of the composer’s scores, the performer is always in demand of a solvent technique which should be boosted by a strong and ductile sensitivity, always ready to dive in multiple sound spaces. In this regard, José Luis Estellés was a soloist of the highest quality, leading with mastery and maturity a performance which demanded more than technical expertise, in which the clarinetist from Bétera is more than over. The austere but very precise and careful conducting by Francesc Prat, who collaborated -in this and the other works – for an excellent result.

In Casablancas’s works, the distance between the plan and execution opens a gap through which is shown the expression and creative role of the performer, as Estellés understands to perfection. […]