“José Luis Estellés on clarinet and the Arriaga Quartet successfully solved a generous program, dense and hugely demanding that included two world premieres.”

Bilbao | Urrutia, Lara, Yun and Carter | Asier Vallejo Ugarte, SCHERZO | July - August 2012

Estellés, OCG and the best Mozart

“Triumphant night for Estellés, triumphant night for music … With his mastery, with his formidable artistic sense, he made us taste the beauty of the Mozart Clarinet Concerto … What a great luxury, what a great luck to have this artist, whose performances are framed between the best artistic ephemeris…”

The reinvention of the clarinet – Melómano de oro prize

‘Melómano de Oro’, March 2016.
The reinvention of the clarinet. […] The repertoire is approached with great sensitivity and a deep knowledge of the clarinet by Estellés, who unfolds it with such ease and elegance that brings a great freshness to these quintets.

Clarinet Quintets / IBS Classical Gold

[…]the soloist’s discourse full of beauty, phrasing of the most natural and musical possible manner… played with an unusual clarity and elegance… this performance becomes one to be considered, especially after the poignant slow movement, an Adagio-Fantasia, brief but exciting.

On Mozart Clarinet Concerto

[…] José Luis Estellés again showed the plasticity of his phrasing and his ability to tinge the sound in the limits of the dynamic ranges . The famous central Adagio was very expressive, but without ever falling into sentimentality. […]

Intense opening concert

[…] a melancholic and profound performance and also to a stylized -and for moments fragile- sobriety, a very substantial balance and an extremely delicate phrasing.

In company with Bengt Forster

Festival Turina 2015. Bengt Forsberg (piano), Isa Katharina Gericke (soprano), José Luis Estellés (clarinet) Venue: Sala Joaquín Turina. Date: September 9th. […] A magic moment happened with The shepherd on the rock  by Schubert, with a very concentrated Gericke, very delicate Forsberg and a spectacular Estellés who begun with a splendid double swell of dynamic swell and also accompanied with a huge load of nuance and color. […]

About the local and the universality

[…] “greatly highlight Estellés for his round sound, the breadth of his cavernous bass clarinet, for his viscerality.” […]

The last steps of a lavish residence

[…] José Luis Estellés was a soloist of the highest quality, leading with mastery and maturity a performance which demanded more than technical expertise…. the expression and creative role of the performer, as Estellés understands to perfection. […]

Biribilketa and Saturno for VERSO label CD

… “All that has been shown by Estellés and the Trío Arbós with class, with technique, with that poetic of their own that determines the path of an eloquent works by a great composer”.

Wonderful ‘Winter Journey’ for a summer day

“… the conductor’s job is praiseworthy with a work as complex as this. José Luis Estellés showed a clear and precise idea of Zender’s score. The wonderful performance Estellés gave us of this particular Winter Journey, a gift that left delighted all the audience on a warm summer night.”

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