“Special mention deserves José Luis Estellés, who shone beyond measure in his solo movement, Abîme des oiseaux, showing a stratospheric command of the registers and the dynamic range and gradation that can rarely be heard in this piece. He simply overwhelmed us in his reading of this movement.”

Pórtico de Zamora Festival - Codalario Magazine, 31.03.2014

JOSÉ-LUIS ESTELLÉS is a remarkably versatile musician who enjoys a lively concert career that embraces his activity as orchestral conductor and clarinetist on a rare equal strength. Celebrated for his repertoire breadth as well as his profound and captivating interpretations, he has regularly appeared in performances together with many of today’s internationally renowned instrumentalists, singers and orchestras, at important festivals and concert halls throughout Europe, the USA, Mexico and Japan. Awarded as a recording artist, José-Luis Estellés is also internationally sought after as a teacher and highly regarded as a renovator in the Spanish musical pedagogy panorama.


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